Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” Though it was a mere few years ago I heard this quote, I realized it was how I live my life. My parents split before I was born. My life was divided into school years in Maine with my Mom, summers in the south with my Dad, and holidays a mix of the two. The connection between my lives was drawn by airplanes, but found within me where I was able to create a new space. Home became a place where I was picking and choosing the best influences of the changing worlds around me and using external influences to create my world, my self, my home.

About-Slideshow-19It wasn’t easy growing up with an absence of consistency. Marriages came and went. Siblings came and went. Houses changed. Flight patterns changed. Through the change a constant comment I always heard as a question was: “Wow, that must be a really difficult life for you growing up.” Hearing that taught me something: My life is going to become the world I create for myself. My answer became my new constant, my reinforcement to myself: “Actually, it helps me have a better understanding of relationships and the life I want to create for myself. I am able to travel, meet new people, and my siblings are the world to me.


Slideshow01I know some people find inner strength easily while others struggle with it. I want to reach those who need inspiration and help them to succeed. Science has always fascinated me. I realized if I taught science I could spread knowledge and simultaneously help students build self esteem.

About-Slideshow-20I am spent the past few years at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City as a MYP Science Teacher. Previously to that, I spent three years teaching at the Anglo-American School of Sofia in Bulgaria. I have had the pleasure to work at three different international school. Prior to living and teaching in Bulgaria I was at Seoul International School for three years. Though I have been teaching for the past years, prior to that I worked for NASA for five years. I was climbing a government ladder taking on increasing amounts of responsibility and contributing to amazing things. I felt the earth shake below me as I watched shuttle launches. I worked with and was surrounded by some of the most intelligent, creative and inspiring people I will ever meet. Yet, despite the incredible career path I was on for a young female (which is very rare at NASA) I wanted to be in the classroom. I was following a path untrue to my heart.

RunningTeaching abroad was always my dream. Now that I am here teaching overseas I have finally arrived home: a place where constant change provides me with stability and allows me to share that with others. I strive to provide students with inspiration, education, motivation, self-discipline, creativity, passion and an endless amount of support to follow their dreams.

I view my career as a multitude of professions. To the students I am a science teacher, a yoga teacher, a role model and a disciplinarian. About-Slideshow-21To my teammates I am a leader, a young teacher with new ideas, a healthy influence. To myself I am doing my best, always trying to do better, and making sure I enjoy the journey. I am here, changing what I can, and changing my attitude about what I can’t.